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Tue, Dec 19, 2017 4:13 PM

GPS tags Error in Organiser 2018

When you add a location to a photo in Elements organiser 2018 you can then save back the metadata to the original image on your PC.

a) If the image is west of Greenwich then all is fine
b) If the image is east of Greenwich then one tag (LongitudeRef) is missing

Examples below

a) Cardiff Wales (W)
LatitudeRef     North latitude
Latitude          51° 28' 53.000000"
LongitudeRef    West longitude
Longitude         3° 10' 44.000000"

b) Copenhagen (E)
LatitudeRef     North latitude
Latitude          55° 40' 33.000000"
Longitude         12° 0.000000'

**** LongitudeRef should be set to East longitude but is missing.


More details of the bug in "Save Metadata to file" - in Ver15 and Ver16.


For GPS coordinates that are longitude WEST everything works fine .

organiser sets the four attributes  LatitudeRef , Latitude , LongitudeRef , Longitude correctly


For GPS coordinates that are logitude EAST

organiser sets the  attributes  LatitudeRef , Latitude  correctly

                                              LongitudeRef  is not set at all

                                                Longitude is set only to the nearest degree

                                                with 0 minutes and 0 seconds



Screen shots of GPS data in Organiser


EAST LOCATION - ok in organiser

WEST LOCATION - ok in organiser


Screen shot from file exif properties


EAST LOCATION - incorrect saved metadata

WEST LOCATION - Metadata correct

It is very easy to reproduce this error

Use Organiser to set a photo's location to Copenhagen,Denmark

Click File / Save metadata to file

Compare the GPS data Organiser (using info function) with GPS data in the file.

You can use a free tool such as "Exif Pilot" to see the GPS data in the file.


The Longitude Ref will be missing and the Longitude will be rounded to the nearest degree


Do the same with any location in the USA and everything will work properly.


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