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Tue, Sep 4, 2018 9:31 PM

Finally took the plunge and upgraded to LR 7.5

As a working professional with a catalog going back to 1983—yes, lots of digitally scanned transparencies—and reading all of the horror stories about LR Classic CC, I waited until this past weekend to take the plunge and perform the upgrade from LR 6.

I made triple backups of my catalog on RAID drives, and made the click, ensuring that my old versions would be left intact.  (Frankly, the only reason I made the upgrade at all was the requirements of the Loupedeck+ which necessitated LR 7.4 or above; not fully supported on previous versions and this piece of hardware is a lifesaver and timesaver.  So, onwards...)

The install went fast; then again, I am running a MacPro with eight-core CPUs, two 8GB GPUs, 128GB of RAM, and a 4TB SSD.  Yes, Martha, there are after-market upgrades.

Next step was the catalog database conversion.  I clicked the button and there she went.  With all other applications closed save for Apple Mail, the entire process required 18 hours.  (I did have a 37.9GB catalog file; it is now 20GB.)

But it worked.  Or so it seemed.

I found that it took forever for the catalog to completely load, showing my drives, files, and collections, and the number of images in each.  About 90 minutes.  I immediately optimized the catalog—which took another 20 minutes, and restarted.

Now the catalog loaded with 5 minutes.  But Lo and Behold, there were no Keyword Presets!  WTF?  A quick check of the preferences indicated that the upgrade process unchecked the "keep presets with catalog."  Checking the box, and about 10 minutes later they appeared.  Whew!  I had over 50 of them, so a recreation effort was not going to be greatly appreciated.

I did an import of 583 images from a shoot from last week, and though slow, it finally completed in about an hour.  Part of the delay it seems to me is that LR 7.5 seems to be performing the import in parallel with the building of the previews...standard was selected in this case.

Performed another import of about 50 images, went so fast with 1:1 previews it was over before I could take a sip of Dr. Pepper.

I optimized the catalog as is my habit after major importing, and restarted.

Now Lightroom announced it had to convert my Develop Presets to XML format.  Well, hell, why didn't it do that in the first place?  Oh, it reset the "Keep presets with catalog" selection.  What idiot developer had that idea?

The process took 19 hours...I kid you not.  With the kind of horsepower I am running LR 7.5 still wasted nearly 37 hours of my time.  What happened to the so-called performance improvement?

Yes, I have a lot of images.

Yes, I shoot with high-res pro cameras; Canon 1D X, 1D X Mk II, 5Ds R, Sony a7RII, a7RIII, a9.

Yes, the files can be large.

Yes, I shoot both raw files and jpegs.

Hence the hardware.  But the software?  WTF Adobe?

How about improving the performance an order of magnitude and stop wasting our time with GPS, face recognition, and other useless features?

I do not need GPS because I know where I was when I took the shot because I was there when I pressed the shutter.

I do not need face recognition because I know who my models are...and besides, more often than not the face recognition will either select as its idea of a face the bark of a nearby tree or the models' crotch (if she's not sporting a Brazilian) rather then her actual face.  (Sie können diese Scheiße nicht machen.)

At least the process of upgrading worked...eventually...and I still have my LR 6 catalog files safely backed up if I need to go backwards in time.

But for cryin' out loud, what a shade-tree mechanic effort Adobe has put out there.


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