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Sun, Jan 14, 2018 11:32 AM


Feed-back on the whole Adobe suite after some weeks of use

Hi Guys, some comments below :
1) LR for mobile ( IPad and IPhone in my case) differs way too much from LR on desktop (I am not speaking of LR Classic here). It is non consistent. I strongly believe, this situation is only a step and that Adobe will soon make all the app look and perform the same way with the same functionalities.
2) It is a pain in the a.. that LR mobile does not have the transform feature ( called geometry on LR desktop). No way to finish a workflow only on mobile. You still need a desktop. Bad, very bad. Competition offers this ( Google Sanpaseed)
3) Very surprised that PS express has strictly no relation ship with LR. Two different worlds. No way to transfer an image , have it processed and back to LR. The transfer, BTW, done by Open in, crashes very
4) Same remark with PS fix ( except for healing and liquefy)
5)the mandatory requirement to store data on Adobe Cloud, while Adobe Cloud is way too expensive ( compared to Apple iCloud) is also a pain in the a... We end up with all images duplicated in different clouds and we pay for all. It is necessary to duplicate images as Adobe cloud has not the flexibility of Apple cloud to share and use images with tons of Apps.
6) Adobe is not today compatible with multi windows on IPad. This induces the inability to use Adobe Cloud stored and processed images in other apps. A pain.
7) The performance of LR for searching images is stunning. Very good feature. How can we have LR learn who belongs to our family? Or specific objects? I have to study the documentation I believe.
8) for the time being, I am afraid, I will give up with Adobe for mobile and stay with Apple Photo and Google Snapseed, which perform very well at no additional Cloud cost. I stay nevertheless with my beloved LR Classic and Photoshop CC on desktop.
Best regards.


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