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Fri, Mar 23, 2018 9:37 AM


Feature Request - Target additional layer attributes while holding cmd

Hi I have, I been directed here to post an idea. Valid or not is the question.

Ok here goes...I can select the layer by using the cmd shortcut. All good, but what if I have a mask on the layer being selected. Is there a way or a short cut to select the layer then the mask layer thumbnail to make it active see image. 

For example 

I'm working on layer 1 

I hold down cmd to switch and select layer 2 but on layer 2 I have a mask. Can I directly select the layer mask thumbnail with a shortcut when layer switching? 

The answer I received was no, so here is my pitch

Idea: How good would it be to have the cmd click for layer selection then target the mask, clipping etc etc directly, all in on action. Have a fly out or drop down. Or am I talking rubbish?



Hope that makes sense

I know I can short cut it this way but this adds another action

Command + \  to select the mask and  Command + 2 to switch back to the layer

Original post is here with  a couple of replies



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