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Fri, Feb 28, 2020 6:59 PM

Extension changes when clicking on file name in save dialog box

In Illustrator, If I choose a format, for example, PDF, but I click on an Illustrator file, just to auto name the file in the dialog box (rather than having to type a long filename), the name changes, but the extension stays the same as the format I chose (PDF). With Photoshop, If I'm saving, choose JPEG as the format, and click a PSD file, the name auto names itself, but the extension changes to PSD. The extension shouldn't be a part of the renaming process, the extension should stay the same as the format chosen in the dialog box. All Adobe apps should follow the process Illustrator uses with auto renaming files.


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1 y ago

This has been brought up for SO many years, so often, I can't think why it hasn't been fixed.

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1 y ago

Yes this has been an issue in photoshop on mac ever since Apple introduced OS X. Did not happen in photoshop running on OS 9 and older.

 I actually reported this not long ago: