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Sun, Dec 20, 2015 4:30 PM

Elements Organizer: duplicate items in reverse-geotagged places


I tag an image with location, which is reverse-geotagged into a name:
Poland > Lesser Poland Voivodeship > Kraków
Then I change the middle part into proper local name:
Poland > małopolskie > Kraków

But then I make another geotagging for this place, and Organizer duplicates place, so now there are two:
Poland > Lesser Poland Voivodeship > Kraków (newly tagged)
Poland > małopolskie > Kraków (tagged earlied and corrected)

When I attempt to rename Lesser Poland Voivodeship again, I end up with two "małopolskie" entries in Places tags tree.

Is there any way to relocate items in Places or otherwise clean up the mess without modifying the database file?


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