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Fri, May 24, 2019 9:47 PM


Easier ways to move files within a collection, Lightroom Classic CC 2019

I constantly add images to collections, and sometimes, depending on the sort method set, they drop into place where I would like them. But, other times, they don’t. It would be great if I could select a bunch of images, and have a way to move the bunch of them to the top/beginning, or the bottom/end of my collection. This would be especially useful so I do not have to try to drag them, slowly, to the opposite end of a collection of a thousand images.

So, assuming I have them selected, I could Control + Click (on a Mac) and “Move to Beginning (or Top) of Collection” and “Move to End (or Bottom) of Collection” would be visible.

Or, once selected, I could use the menu, and have the two options:  View>Sort>Move to Beginning (or Top) of Collection, and Move to End (or Bottom) of Collection.

Of course it would be great if in the toolbar on the bottom, under sort methods you had the option Creation Date (or Time), which can’t be that hard to implement, as it is in the metadata of the file. Capture Time works great for raw files, but for jpegs created at a later date, the ability to sort by that metric would mean files dropped in that collection would sort effortlessly and automatically.


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