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Tue, Oct 7, 2014 11:22 AM

dual monitor flashing screen


Since i installed a second sreen, my screen flickers and flashes everytime when starting up Adobe Photoshop cc 2014. once start up is finished i do not have the problem anymore. Someone is having the same problem/issue? How can i solve it? I have 16GB RAM and the Nvidea quadro 2000M graphic card. If i start up Photoshop when using only 1 monitor, i do not have this problem.

Thank you.



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6 years ago

Which OS version are you using?

On Windows, updating the video card drivers (from the GPU maker, NOT Microsoft) solves many "flashing" issues.
On MacOS, there are known bugs in the video card drivers on certain GPUs and OS versions - updating to 10.9.5 solves some of them, but others are not yet fixed, and MacOS 10.10 has additional driver bugs.