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Fri, May 24, 2019 10:10 PM

Dropbox selective sync glitch

I use Dropbox Selective Sync, and keep many files in the cloud. When saving a file to my local disc in any CC app, a dialogue box opens to whatever folder was last used. If it's not the folder I need, I back out of enclosing folders and then drill down to where I want to save the current file. As soon as any folder is visible in the Save As... dialog box, Dropbox begins downloading every file in that folder to my local storage disc.

In order to avoid filling my disc, I have to quickly, but selectively go through my entire directory and select folders and files to store offline. This is a nightmare.

Adobe says it is a problem with Dropbox; Dropbox says it's a problem with Adobe. But the only applications that exhibit this behavior are Adobe applications. If I open a Save As... dialog box in any other application, the files in the cloud remain in the cloud. There is something about the way Adobe CC apps make the query to the finder in order to display the contents of a folder that causes all the files stored in the cloud to download, but it is not necessary to query in this way, as the files are not needed for the Save As... function, all that's needed is their name, which is already visible in the dialog window.

The same behavior occurs when using the Open File... dialog box, though I never do this, preferring to open my files from the Finder. But even in this case, the behavior is unnecessary. Other apps query the directory for an Open File... dialog without downloading anything. Only when a file is selected to open, does that file, and only that file, need to be downloaded.

This is a big enough issue for me, that despite my love for this software, I may need to look for alternatives.


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