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Mon, Jan 29, 2018 11:07 AM

Disable "Full Screen" in Toggle Screen Mode shortcut?

Hello, with the new photoshop update, the switch to "Full Screen" mode is a true full screen mode (similar to a full screen mode in a video game whereas before it was like a borderless window mode). The transition from "Standard Screen Mode" and "Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar" into "Full Screen Mode" now has a very noticeable lag to go into/out of and creates a rather jarring experience for me.

Is there a way to disable "Full Screen Mode" from the shortcut toggle (F key)?


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2 years ago

If you right click the Edit Toolbar button (looks like this: [...]), you can choose which icons show on the toolbar itself. The Fullscreen button is on the bottom, and you can deselect it in order to disable it. Then, if you check "Disable Shortcuts for Hidden Toolbar Extras", it will make it so hitting F won't change the fullscreen. You can't rebind the button to anything as far as I have found, but this will at least prevent you from accidentally changing the window mode.