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Sun, Feb 16, 2014 7:22 PM

Curve adjustments no longer accurate. Photoshop self corrects.

When I use the curve or level adjustment adobe "corrects" it. For instance, I'm trying to grab all the shadows. The curve makes the channel nearly black and white. When I hit okay, the result it less of a contrast than I intended. The last 6 years I've been using this professionally it has never happened. GIMP can pull this off. Please tell me there is a quick fix. Very contrasty curves are used to isolated different areas for selections. This is a production stopping bug.

I have an image I can upload if the above explanation is not enough.


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7 years ago

No, there is no auto correction unless you tell Photoshop to automatically make an adjustment. And nobody else has seen such a problem.

It sounds like you are previewing your image while zoomed out, and possibly have a very noisy image. Zoom in to 100% to just the effect of your adjustment. For very noisy images, the downsampled image averages out the noise, and doesn't give you an accurate preview of the adjustment.