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Thu, Nov 15, 2018 3:49 PM


Commands disabled in Photoshop

I have some problem alike this. When i open a photo via lightroom, I cant duplicate the layers in photoshop cc, not using ctrl - j or the menus (all is greyed out).

If i open the image via camera raw in PS , all is ok.

Windows (10 home)  and photoshop is both installed yesterday...

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2 years ago

@Hongs: the 'solution' is to start Photoshop first and then open the file from LR. That way the shortcuts keep working.

I reached out to Adobe and complained about the issue and also referred to this topic. They only replied I should upvote the issue so the developers would prioritize the issue in the next update.. ugh -_-"

Edit: so everyone who has this problem, please click on "mee too" on top of this page!