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Fri, Dec 12, 2014 2:22 PM


Collaborating with clients using Lightroom Web: the obstacle of Adobe ID requirement for our clients

I posted on Julieanne Kost's blog about this (as have others, both there and on Facebook), and she suggested sharing this here. The ability to share photos with clients using Lightroom Web is awesome, except for one very significant issue: clients have to set up an AdobeID to be able 'like' or comment on images. This is such a barrier - clients might not know who Adobe are, and be reluctant to sign up for something they might not understand, and we have to spend time explaining to them why this is ok, at the risk of confusing them completely. This would be the perfect tool for photographer and clients (or friends and family for non Pros) to communicate, were it not for this requirement. Please consider removing it, please, please, please! What would be ideal is if somehow they could sign in or register with their email, so that we can reply to them directly and in private when they comment on an image, but that might be asking too much too soon!
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