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Sat, Oct 5, 2019 9:35 AM

CC Desktop still killing explorer.exe when updating itself


This morning CC Desktop tried to update itself and (again) failed with error 183. I uninstalled it using Creative Desktop Uninstaller and tried again. This time, the update succeeded but during the update, explorer.exe was killed and my desktop disappeared for a while.

This has already been discussed in a few other theads. Killing the explorer.exe process just to avoid a reboot is absolutely unacceptable. Moreover, when explorer.exe is restored, it is in an unstable state that requires a logoff/login anyway.

Some have said that explorer.exe was crashing during the update. This is not true. explorer.exe is intentionally killed : the command doing this is recorded in the logs. Just look for explorer.killer in CoreSyncInstall.log.

This extremely bad programming practice has to stop. Period. Leave my system alone and do the installation job in a proper and standard way instead of acting like uneducated programmers.


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2 y ago

The Feedback Channel for the Creative Cloud app is found at
I would recommend your posting on there as none of that team are present on this forum.

Otherwise you can contact support at this link for direct support with the Creative Cloud App: