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Fri, Feb 1, 2019 12:18 AM

bug: number in feather field (properties window) erroneously applies to subsequently selected layers

  1. Create a new document 
  2. create two separate shape layers
  3. select the first shape layer
  4. go to the mask section of the Properties panel 
  5. enter a number into the "Feather:" number field (eg. "50"). Don't press enter
  6. Select the other shape layer in the Layers Panel.
You'll see that both shape layers now have the feather applied, even though you only modified the feather setting for the first shape. 

I've only noticed this for the Feather setting, but it's possible that the same bug exists for other fields in the Properties panel.

In principle, this bug seems reminiscent of this other bug that I reported a year ago:


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