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Thu, Jun 2, 2016 4:21 PM


Brush stroke smoothing

It would be nice to have a "Smoothing" option to auto-correct brush strokes. I use the Lazy Nezumi extension, but it's only for PC and I primarily use Mac. Manga Studio has smoothing and think it would be a great feature for Photoshop. Thanks. 

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Photoshop: Lazy Mouse (Brush stroke smoothing)


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4 years ago

Totally agree. Sketchbook Pro has it, Paint Tool Sai has it, a ton of other painting apps have it. Lazy Nezumi is a great example, though it's probably a bit too fiddly and fully featured. I can't get it on Mac which bothers me, and seriously right now I'm staring at some crazy lines and there's just nothing i can do. I could use paths, but the image is way too complex and this isn't Illustrator, so that shouldnt' ahve to be the answer.

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4 years ago

It would be fantastic if photoshop had this functionality. I logged in specifically to make this request but I see that I'm clearly not alone in wanting this. People have been asking for this for years but I'll hold out hope for implementation sometime soon. Almost every modern digital artist I've watched or spoken to uses photoshop for most of if not all of their workflow. Adobe could make a lot of us very happy with his.