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Thu, Dec 19, 2019 1:55 AM

Bridge 2020 ( hangs attempting to build cache inside invisible .Trashes folder

I am using bridges  "Build and export caches for folder [xxxx] and all enclosed folders.

I select an external hard drive in Adobe bridge and select 'Build and export caches..'
(Mac MacOS Extended journaled).

However the 'Build and export caches..' process reports that it is attempting to build cache files in the .Trashes folder. It does not succeed and hangs there.
".Trashes" is an invisible system folder on a Mac system.

Looking inside the other invisible folders* on this drive i can see Adobe Bridge has left cache files inside them. (*such folders as...  .goodsysnc .fsevensd)
(•Using a invisible folder viewing utility)

Considering most normal users are not going to be looking at images inside invisible folders on a mac using Adobe Bridge, I would like to suggest that adobe bridge exclude building and saving caches files inside any invisible folder on a mac system.
Also .Trashes folder permissions don't allow users to directly view or write into this folder.
Maybe that's why the process hung?

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