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Mon, May 18, 2015 8:21 PM

ALBUM 2.0 images

a photo in album 2.0 was stored somewhere unknown. How can I use that photo even though I cannot reconnect it with the original.

The photo is tattooed with a red square on it. The error message is unless I reconnect it, I will not be allowed to use it - even though it is my photo. How can Adobe be so brazen and tricky and take a photo owned by someone else and then through artifices they restrict the use of it.

They should at least alert the public that they reserve the right to restrict the use of someone's property without their approval. Furthermore photo enthusiasts should find someone who does not aspire to these ugly tactics.

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6 y ago

No it is not anything of the sort. Your photos were never stored inside Photo Album so nothing is stolen or held hostage. Photo Album remembers the locations of all your photos when it first saw them, along with keywords and other attributes you may have assigned to the photos.

The red-mark is on a thumbnail of the photo and merely means that the original photo has been moved or removed since first seen by Photo Album. The moving or removing is done by something or someone outside of Photo Album, and it is merely notifying you it cannot find the photo, there, anymore.

Adobe Photo Album has long since become Photoshop Elements Organizer.

Here is more information about how photos aren’t stored inside of Photo Album when imported: