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Thu, Apr 24, 2014 11:15 AM

After (new) ACR update v.8.4, Photoshop is not launched by button < Open image >

As suggested by Chris Cox in a separate topic ( that I started after a failed update of ACR plugin 8.4, I am herewith starting this topic to report a new issue.
RAW-images can be opened in Adobe Camera Raw, by right-clicking the file in Adobe Bridge CS6 ( for Macintosh, and edited as my normal workflow goes. After editing, I click the button < Open Image > which previously launched Photoshop automatically. However, since this ACR 8.4 update, the image is not opened, but I am returned to Bridge.
If I open Photoshop separately, and then return to Bridge, right-click to open in ACR and then press button < Open Image > the RAW-file will be opened in Photoshop.
This is definitely different from ACR 8.3 and all previous versions.

I am running an iMac 27-inch, late 2012, with 16GB RAM and OSX 10.9.2 (Mavericks).


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