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Sat, Jul 13, 2019 6:29 PM

adobe genuine Software Integrity Server defeating adobe staff

I had a problem where the Adobe genuine software integrity service starting popping up last weekend, it took a couple of days before it popped up and stayed open. I spent an hour and a half on chat (and 14, yes 14 different people, each one unable to read the thread) to discover that none of the chat "staff" had any clue what this software was. They listed it as a Lightroom 5 install issue, nice. Agreed a call back in 2 days.

Next day, pop up pops up and stays up, seems I have used 30 of the 40 days. I phone and get someone who appears to have a clue - apparently I have a dodgy copy of Adobe reader pro. Never had that, not sure what I would do with it. So I ran the adobe supplied cleaner, she took control of my machine and ran the adobe supplied cleaner.

Another hour an a half of my life lost.

1 week after the original issue I get a call back, but I was at work so they closed the call.

2 days later pop up returns.

Another hour and a half on chat and control of my PC, to be fair this one had also not heard of software but at least knew what a computer looks like. still no luck. Agreed a call back in 4 working days when I know I will be home.

It seems to me that there is a distinct lack of training on the complete Adobe product set and I've wasted a lot of time on a problem that no one can explain.

Have taken action and uninstalled all the other bits of adobe software that have accumulated on my machine - it seems I had 2 versions of flash, 2 versions of digital media editions and hoping it's enough.

Come on Adobe if you are going to drop software onto computers make sure it works right and your staff know about it.


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