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Mon, Sep 14, 2020 10:31 AM


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9 years ago

Not likely to happen, since it would make the smart filter rendering pipeline more complex and a lot slower (breaking the point of using smart objects in the first place).

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9 years ago

Duplicating Smart Objects, and using copies with different filters doesn't make it faster though, right?

I mean - it's a matter of choice.
If I need multiple masks and keep things editable, I take into account that it could grow my file and slow down my machine.
If I want to keep things simple, I always have the possibility to switch back to destructive workflow - applying effects in an order and keeping my file clean that way.

It'd really help out to clean my mess in several situations - mostly concerning my screendesign, and desktop publishing stuff.

This request is similar to the "using multiple instances of layer styles/fx for one layer, without having to duplicate it. And giving the ability to reorder layer fx"

Those points are the biggest causes of lots of layer and Smart Object duplicates in my files.

Wouldn't it make non-destructive workflow more consistent and inviting? :-)