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Wed, Feb 7, 2018 7:38 AM

The technology behind ACR camera profiles

Hi Adobe,

I wonder if you can help me understand a little bit better how your color profiles and sensor CFA work. I've noticed that some camera models (like Canon 70D for example) have
a more "eye pleasing" rendering in Lightroom compared to more recent models.

The colors seem to "pop" more for some reason, and images feel overall more vidid with less work required. For me, this is a big plus. Theoretically, would it be possible to create the same profiles for the 5D4 (or any other model for that matter)? Or is it also due to the sensors CFA and the actual RAW files produced by the camera?

Bottom line; can any Canon camera look like the 70D in terms of color and hues? Or like the good old 5D. If so, how? I have tried with the profile editor but don't seem to get it right. And I assume you use a more sophisticated approach when designing the official LR profiles. I have read somewhere on your forum that the 70D and previous models were profiled with an older table. I think it would be quite attractive if you could release some new profiles for purchase by using the older table. Make more room for camera color calibration etc. A lot of people praise the old Canon color palette so I think you might gain a lot popularity...

Any info would be much appreciated


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3 years ago

for a start try a simple approach - change camera model in dcp profile from 70D to your camera model with dcptool and use that mod profile - if colors are not "eye pleasing" you then CFA to "blame" (different CFA + 70D color transform = different result)... otherwise just use the mod profile... 

if that does not work try to create a profile yourself using more advanced tools like , ,  or try to do color matching after raw conversion using Adobe PS and icc profiles like =