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Mon, Feb 20, 2017 6:17 PM


Sync Photoshop/Lightroom settings through CC

I would really love if Photoshop and Lightroom would sync their settings to the Creative Cloud. I constantly switch between my workstation and laptop and especially having to sync Lightroom develop presets, keyword sets, etc manually works but would be sooo much better built right into CC.

General program settings / preferences are a bit more error-prone since I sometimes wish to have different settings for my workstation vs laptop (e.g. RAM usage, cache locations ...). Solutions would be to save several configurations to the Creative Cloud. So I could choose to use/import my workstation settings on my laptop. Otherwise let the user choose which settings to sync and which settings to keep local (much harder to implement, I know).


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4 years ago

I don't know about LR, but we did have Sync settings with CC for awhile. Adobe dropped it because of problems they were having with something about offering it. Many of us hoped it would be a repeal and replace deal, but so far, no new Sync in sight.

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2 years ago

In this day and age, especially with Creative Cloud, not being able to sync Photoshop or Lightroom settings is absurd. I get some preferences are more system specific but having checkboxes to what syncs and what doesn't could be very helpful.