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Thu, Jun 18, 2020 4:03 PM


Sony ZV-1 Raw Import Support

I just bought the new Sony ZV-1 camera that was just released. As of 06/18/2020 It is not yet support for Adobe Lightroom and would like to know if/when the camera will be supported for Raw file import and editing. 

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Photography: Raw File Support - Requests and Information?


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8 months ago

You'll have to wait for Adobe to either update the next version of ACR/LR or the DNG converter. Takes some time and had Sony actually decided NOT to build yet another proprietary raw OR to supply Adobe with an advanced copy of the new format so they could spend time and money supporting it, there would be no wait. This issue isn't just an issue with Sony; every 3rd party raw converter has to deal with this nonsense. 

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