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Thu, Jun 28, 2018 4:45 PM

"Save" button in Elements ACR dialog

The problem is well described in that discussion in the Elements forum:

1 - the "save" button is never understood. Users think it's like a 'save as' to save jpeg or other image format versions. It means "DNG conversion.To be clear about the differences between Elements and Photoshop:

It's time the "Save" button is renamed to something meaningful.

2 - Elements users who did not understand the purpose of the "save" button have converted many jpegs to DNG. I was surprised to see that neither Elements nor Photoshop can open those DNGs whereas free external editors like Faststone, Irfanview and even Microsoft Photos can open those DNGs!!!  

If there is a reason not to allow opening those jpeg/dngs in Elements/Photoshop, there should be a way to  deactivate the "save" button when the original is not a raw format from a camera. At least, when processing a batch of files, the jpeg/dngs should be skipped and a message should be issued. 

The above behaviour is easy to reproduce. I have not found any explanation anywhere.
Edit:As added to the referenced thread in the Elements forum by Jeff Arola, the bug was created in ACR 10.2 and fixed in ACR 10.3. It's really a pity that PSE2018 is still at 10.2 while Photoshop CC is at 10.4.


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