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Tue, May 14, 2019 9:27 PM


Requesting a more robust Preset Manager

Why must I create a fake preset in the Develop module in order to create a folder to organize/move other presets (from the User Presets folder after an import) to, then can only right-click one preset at a time to move it to that folder? I mean, really? This is just silly. I have many, many presets and this is frustrating at minimum and a possible show-stopper as more competition comes out.

Then, on my second computer, I'd have to do the same thing all over again, just to add insult to injury.

I see that frustration in all areas of preset management has been an issue for many, for a long time - years and years in fact. Adobe, please implement a full-on preset manager. It's long overdue.


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2 y ago

May I suggest the useful (free) Plugin from John Ellis-

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2 y ago

We need "BASIC" folder structure functionality found in even the most basic applications since 1999. Adding, Deleting, Renaming, Sorting that works and is SIMPLE. So easy to do but it seems like either developers are not actual users of the software or they are focusing on more unnecessary features without improving what their core users really need. 

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2 y ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Problem when importing presets in Lightroom CC.

I have two problems in Lightroom CC : In my point of view, the way to import presets is totaly messy, I can't choose where to import my presets and when I discover that my presets were imported in the wrong file; I can only delete one preset a time, I can't do a quick selection and delete them all! It's a lost of time! 
The second problem I have is that I can't open pictures as layers on photshop whereas we could do so in the old version.
I love this program but there ar some little tings like that which anoise me a lot, hope they'll be fixed soon.
Thanks !