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Wed, Jan 10, 2018 9:29 PM


Remove Transform Tool settings from modifications applied with "Previous Conversion"

I shoot in Nikon NEF format.  Virtually every image I process makes a pass through Camera Raw.  Many times that's enough to create a good looking image.  Once in a while I have an image that needs some perspective correction for which the Transform Tool is a great capability.  Unfortunately, the settings from the last use of the Transform Tool are carried forward and applied to the next image if I select "Previous Conversions" from the left-side menu.  Applying the same saturation, shadow, highlight, black, etc. settings to several images is fairly common and I appreciate being able to make those changes with a couple mouse clicks.  There's never been a case where I wanted two successive images to have perspective correction.  With the transform applied I have to take the extra time to get rid of it.  Changes such as the Oval and Graduated Filters aren't carried forward.  Let's have the Transform tool perform like its neighbors.  If there are users who find this characteristic useful, then I'd ask that you provide a check box to allow / prohibit these settings from being carried to the next use of Previous Conversions.


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3 years ago

> If there are users who find this characteristic useful,>

I could allow for a checkbox if it were out in the open. I like Previous Conversion when I have a batch of photos taken under the same circumstances because I don't have to go to Sync and select/deselect all that apply. Or I can just take in the one image in a batch—kinder on my RAM—and then use Previous in Bridge. So yes, I do want to transform them at once. That is less common I suppose, though, even if it's common enough when I'm batch editing.  '-}

The main reason it's part of it, when the filters are not, is they are a local adjustment, and Transform is a global adjustment. Although apparently that doesn't hold for Crop, which is obviously global, so you have that argument on your side.

But it's been my experience that Local Adjustments are never synced unless you specify with the Sync options, whereas Previous Conversion is good to go inside Bridge with a completely different batch of photos, should you know that the adjustments you just made would work. Of course, if you forget what the "previous" conversion was, it being last week, not so great.

Just saying that yes, some do find it useful, and unless it becomes an option easy to toggle on and off without menu diving, no matter which way you look at it, someone is going to do some extra work.  Not my call who that will be. I suppose Adobe does surveys on that sort of thing.