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Tue, Apr 9, 2019 8:43 PM

Praise for the support team

Hello dear Adobe Team. I can imagine that it is not really easy to deal with the mass of bug reports, complaints, hints and annoyed customers. 

Photoshop is a gigantic tool with a huge user base. I've been counting myself among them since 1997. Photoshop was never really bug-free, although most of the time it was possible to continue working with it somehow. 

Therefore I find it particularly praiseworthy that there is this forum for some time, in order to address and solve problems of all kinds.

In most cases I really have the feeling to be heard. Thank you so much for bearing us users, whether we praise or hate. Thanks for always giving helpful tips, or just saying, "yes, it's a bug, it's our turn".

Thank you and best regards from Munich.


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2 years ago

Well said Sebastian! I agree!