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Wed, Sep 2, 2020 2:30 PM


Please provide an option to revert back to the previous ACR interface

A new ACR level was installed automatically, and it came with a new UI.    I tried like the dickens to get used to the new UI, but gave up after a week of trying.  Put simply : it is more cluttered, and requires significantly more mouse clicks to get things done.  There are many examples, but I'll list two of them : no quick + or - entry for fast (and repeatable) brush settings.   Common adjustments no longer fit on my laptop screen, so I'm constantly scrolling up and down, just to change a setting.   

When you are trying to get 100s/1000s of images processed for a deadline this is significant.    And, adobe : when you have hoards of users dependent on a workflow, it is just DOWNRIGHT IRRESPONSIBLE to automatically install a new UI that dramatically changes their flow and is more complex.   I'm a software developer, and would never dream of automatically installing such an imposing change to workflow without an option to revert.  It's one thing if it is was just different - but still simple in its own way.  But in this case, it is not only different, but also significantly more complex (and yes, I've spent the time going through the online instructions that describe it).

Please provide an option to revert to the old UI.  And, please, in the future, whenever making significant changes to workflow, provide an option to revert, and a fair warning before any install.

And finally, a rant : it disturbs me greatly that at least some portion of my monthly fees are going towards you re-arranging, and renaming elements of the UI, as opposed to _true_ advancements in image processing.

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