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Sat, Nov 3, 2018 6:47 AM


Photoshop: Preview the results of Camera Raw filter in the document window

It's frustrating to fine-tune the ACR filter without seeing its results in the actual document window.

I find the ACR filter very useful for adjusting the Temperature, Tint, and recovering shadow/highlight detail. I do these ACR moves on a stamped-up Smart Object, above my pixel edits (compositing and touch-up) but below my color adjustment layers. This allows me to set precise white / black points and perform localized adjustments with layer masks. But I can't see the results of my adjustment layers within the ACR filter's window. (...And rightly so :) )

Here is another example of where an ACR filter preview could be useful: As a finishing touch in composites, I often use ACR's Grain fx on a 50% grey smart object which is set to a blend mode in the contrast family. It would be great to be able to see the ACR filter's results rendered within the current document window, even if I had to click a "Preview" button and wait a few seconds.

As it is, I have to apply the ACR smart filter, then re-adjust, then re-apply.

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