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Sat, Nov 16, 2019 6:49 PM

Photoshop Mobile: Clarity filter

Is PS on the IPad Pro currently not able to apply filters. I am trying to use the clarity filter to clean up raw photos. Is there something I am missing?


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2 y ago

Yes, there's something you're missing. All the PS filters with the exception of Gaussian Blur. In fact, we're all missing those filters. <G> No, you're not overlooking the filter. It isn't there yet.

Bringing raw photos into PS iPad is something else we're all missing. I take it you're just looking at the features to see what might be there to use once we can do that? Currently, your PS/PSE workflow with CR is what you have. The edited raw saved as a PSD or TIFF can be brought into the iPad PS and further manipulated, primarily to build composites with it.