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Fri, May 31, 2013 3:14 PM


Photoshop Lightroom / Camera RAW: Labeling or layerlist for local adjustments

Local adjustments are awesome! They save a lot of time and with a powerful workstation they allow to do lots of retouch steps in Lightroom without even launching Photoshop (e.g. dodge/burn or local color adjustments)

For non destructive powerusers: Using these adjustments (Brush, Gradient, Spot) extensively, quickly becomes confusing. You have lot's of dots in the picture and obviusly lose overview while adding more adjustments

To find a certain adjustment you need a good memory - and I don't - or you need to hover over all dots for reidentification. Which can be very time-consuming due to lower performance with more adjustments.

Optionally labeling the adjustments (either next to spot or as list) would be very handy.
What do you think?

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