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Tue, Jan 22, 2019 6:19 AM


Markers "To Do"

First of all i love adobe photoshop and have been using it since 2002, I've skipped a few versions but now I'm entirely on the CC wave.

I do photography and have only recently started to edit both in Lightroom for the raw files and Photoshop to do skin retouching and final touches, but i find myself forgetting things i'm supposed to do if i happen to get distracted or take a break.

An idea i had was to be able to put "markers"(really only thing i could think of name wise) on the photos/designs which we have "to do"

So for example, if i edit a photo and i add a marker to a models face to remind me to remove a blemish or correct her skin, when i open photoshop it should be there sort of as a reminder and once say i click on it, it would disappear or be checked off..

It wouldn't be a permanent item, just superficially on top of the photo..I could see this being able to be used across Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and maybe other programs(not too knowledgeable on them)

This could be seen as tedious, but it'd be no different than the spot removal tool in Lightroom, it could be a (!)  kind of thing.

I don't see it being a difficult thing to get used to doing either, as a lot photographers already use the spot removal tool religiously and sometimes we forget areas if we take a break.

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