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Mon, Aug 12, 2019 3:45 PM


Make photoshop batch editing easier like Lightroom please

Batch editing made easier in photoshop just like lightroom.


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2 y ago

Can you be more specific?

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2 y ago

That's actually called Camera Raw. Good for Raw, JPEG, TIFF. . .  Oops, I just noticed you called Camera Raw "Photoshop." I thought you meant Photoshop. But in that case, you can batch edit? So the below comments are relevant for batch editing in Photoshop. I won't delete this whole thing because there are lots of ways to batch edit. But I do wonder, like David did, what you mean by talking about CR when it does that already?

Or you can open several images, edit one with adjustment layers and drag those layers as a group onto all the rest inside PS. But if you do that (I do often enough) you'll want to get Doco, an extension that makes that easy.

I would love to see a reimagining of Doco (which is dependent upon the unreliable Generator) from Adobe. It wouldn't require PS be rewritten to accommodate multiple images in a filmstrip kind of view, and then apply settings en masse, but allow us to much more easily use the existing PS features to perform some actions and transfer the relevant layers (and only those) within a panel that displays all open images and allows for a lot of ways to work with those open documents.

OTOH, taking business away from partner developers is kind of bad for Adobe in the long run, so maybe if instead they focused more on strengthening all those features these developers depend upon for their extensions to work, we'd be a step closer to paradise. That would include upgrading filters and actions, as well as the Generator plugin.