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Sat, Jun 23, 2018 8:11 PM

LRCC 1.4 no longer uses ACR defaults?

Hello. I've noticed that LRCC 1.4 no longer uses ACR default editing settings (on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra). In previous versions, if I had custom editing defaults set in ACR, such as to switch on lens corrections by default, LRCC would also use these settings, applying them to all new imports and reverting to them each time I reverted a photo to original. However, since updating to 1.4, these ACR settings no longer appear to be adhered to in LRCC and there now appears to be a fixed set of defaults that include no edits and cannot be changed through ACR. Was this a deliberate change? Is there another way of changing default editing settings in LRCC 1.4? Is it possible to apply a preset by default, for instance?Thanks very much.


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3 y ago

This is correct. Effective with Lightroom CC 1.4 the desktop app no longer uses the ACR default edit settings. That ability has been removed as there was no way from within Lightroom CC to alter or manage the defaults. 

We will look at options for default editing behavior going forward. 
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2 y ago

Any update on this issues?
We need to have the option for a default profile and edit.