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Mon, Apr 9, 2018 3:22 AM

LR Classic 7.3 - Issue with Parametric Curve settings inside Enhanced Profiles - Settings reset when adjusted

I'm finding that not all of the settings being applied in new "enhanced" profiles are actually changing the delta of those settings. 

As an example, try this.

- Apply Adobe's B&W 02 creative profile to a new image
- Then go to the Parametric Curve, and move "shadows" from 0 to -1
- You will see the shadows become BRIGHTER (instead of darker)

Inside the B&W 02 .xmp file, it is decreasing the shadows in the Parametric curve (down to -7 or -8). But this profile setting becomes completely ignored once any change is made (whether manually or through a preset). Leading to this unexpected behavior.

I've also tested this directly in ACR 10.3, and same issue is there.

Probably happening in some other settings to, but haven't had a chance to check every one.


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3 years ago

Hey Nathan,

Good catch.
Yes we are aware of this issue and working to fix it.
Thanks for reporting.
Keep up the good work ..!!