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Tue, Nov 12, 2019 6:45 PM

Lightroom/Photoshop: Horrible loading time and CPU usage opening raw file in PS

hi Ive  been living with horrible loading times opening RAW files int o PS .Ive done some  tests and they make no sense to me. Ive  made a duplicate copies of  a raw file one is as it came off the camera and the other  has   been converted to Black and white with some graduated filter work and some local brush adjustments -nothing over  the top.So first image loads into PS in 1 second  cpu usage around 30% the second image takes 15 seconds and when I checked the Task Manager to my amazment the gen 9   i5 processors goes into the red at 100% for the whole 10-15 secs ! anyone got any ideas? it makes zero sense to me. files are off a canon 5d iv 30 mb sensor


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