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Fri, Nov 2, 2018 6:28 PM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: TIP: Don't use Visualize Spots

This is more of a Tip than anything. If you use Visualize Spots, that is helpful AFTER you've taken the photo. What about before? I shoot product photography and I've found that if I boost the Dehaze up as high as it will go, it will instantly show me dirt, smudges etc which I can clean off before I commit to an image. It works similar to Visualize Spots (set really high) but you see for real where the schmutz is.


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2 years ago

Much better- use a Levels adjustment layer in Photoshop and move the black slider right (for bright backgrounds) or white slider left (for dark) to increase contrast and show dust spots. This is adjustable and can be easily toggled on and off. You can also duplicate the adjustment layer if you are retouching pure white or black, to make it even more revealing.

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2 years ago

Nice tips from both of you. Doing still life, not product photography, but often have a lot of the same issues.