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Thu, Mar 7, 2019 10:04 PM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: I'd love to see the metadata from drone images include the elevation

I'm hoping this is the right place to mention a feature request for Lightroom.  I'd love to see the metadata for drone images include the elevation where the photo was taken.  As I get more experienced using drones and try to refine my style, I'd like to look back and compare the elevation of various shots. I would love if that information was captured by the drone (I'm using a DJI Mavic Pro) and if it was easily accessible in Lightroom.


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2 years ago

Altitude is already displayed in the metadata panel.  If your camera is recording it, that's where it will be displayed.  If your camera isn't recording it, you can click the "Fetch Altitude" button (circled in red) to pull altitude info from Google Maps.  Regretfully, that won't tell you how high your drone was though.

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2 years ago

Note that the Altitude fetch button will give an approximate ground-level reading based on available GPS data.  For drones, you really want to have the camera recording it.