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Thu, Jun 27, 2019 4:52 PM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: Crop before stitching panorama


So I keep using PhotoMerge function for a long time. It is very convenient solution for editing a panorama as RAW.

My purpose may not be usual as many landscape photographers. I often use this function to stitch film negative scans which from my mirrorless camera. To get full area of the film, and want keep film out of border area which may get sharpness down and has vignette.

I take the picture including the film holder, but the problem is Lightroom think this is part of my useful image and try to stitch. My film holder will not move but the film image will.(film stripe is sliding through the holder)So Lightroom get confused and merge it with visible faults like uneven gradient.

I tried crop the film holder before stitching but Lightroom ignores my cropping.

I also think some photographers want to make cropping or even ignoring mask before stitching. Lightroom now doesn't not support any image content modify before stitching. I hope there will be some improvements.

Also, can you make more stitching projections? Like position and scaling only same as photoshop? Lightroom's panorama and HDR is really game changer because they hold all RAW benifits. But for now, they lack of options.

Yes, I can do stitching after exporting, but more steps required and I have a great negative converting LR plugin which needs RAW files to analyze.

What's more, I hope you can add a function to stitching sets of RAW at once. Maybe make a queue system and wait for starting. Why? Because when there are tasks, Lightroom gets insanely slow and lag, any moving or clicking needs many seconds to perform. Think about I have servral 120 film rolls, maybe 100+ images to stitching. And I have to selecting set after set, push ctrl+shift+m, and next... With super slow responsing....

Hope you can update solutions for what I said. Thanks.


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