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Fri, Nov 9, 2018 10:20 AM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: blend mode

Is it normal in 2019 coming soon not having blend mode in ACR and lightroom ?
I am aware lightroom is not a bitmap software but is it so difficult in the xmp sidecar file to add an instruction "blend mode:color" very useful for LUT... ?

would be nice too for curves to be in luminosity mode in order not to shift colors,...

I think it is the only product on the market not having this basic feature.

Wake up Adobe, ON1 photoraw 2019 and Luminar 2019 are coming...
DXO Photolab2 already there with u-points amazing technology (i am coming from capture NX2 and recovered my first loves :-) )

best regards


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2 years ago

Blend modes normally require interaction between multiple layers. As Lightroom does not have the ability to have more than one layer, I am unsure what you are proposing here. Could you give us more details?

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