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Mon, Jul 8, 2019 11:47 AM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: Adobe Standard profile missing

My understanding is that the supported cameras should be the same across Lightroom for desktop and the mobile apps, but either they aren't or there is some kind of bug:

For some of my cameras, the Adobe Standard profile exists on desktop, but not on iPhone and not on iPad. Let's use the Ricoh GRIII as an example - on desktop I can both select Adobe Standard and/or apply one of my presets that will set the profile to Adobe Standard.

If I take the same photo on any of the mobile apps, I don't get any of the "Adobe profiles". If I would apply the same preset though (the one that sets the profile to Adobe Standard), after it syncs back to desktop, the desktop app shows the profile as "Embedded".

This is a bit of a problem as obviously I can't edit the shots with any kind of consistency. It would be nice to at least know if this is a known bug, or something similar.


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a year ago


I am not understanding some of what you are saying. "If I take the same photo on any of the mobile apps" How is this photo making it into the "mobile apps"? What exactly are the "mobile apps"? 

If you have on of these images loaded into Lightroom Mobile, and tap the (i) button (bottom right on iPad) ( upper left pulldown on iPhone), above the file name, it will say Smart Preview, Original.
  • What does it say?
  • What is the filename?


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a year ago


Thanks for taking the time. I wrote the small essay below just now, to clarify what I mean. I also re-did all the steps I describe yet again - and it's so weird, because now it works. This literally hasn't worked for me, for months. I realize I sound stupid here, but I am 100% positive it didn't work, I have spent a lot of time testing it and thinking about what might cause  this (I have suspected that I synced so many profiles that something went corrupt). The only difference since this morning is that I have restarted my phone

Anyway, I guess there is no problem anymore.. But I'll leave my initial clarification here just to try to clear up what I was trying to say.


I have taken a shot with a Ricoh GRIII, it's a RAW image in the DNG format, as it comes out of the Ricoh camera. I import this into Lightroom on desktop, and it will then sync to my iPad and my iPhone (which I refer to as the mobile apps). So far, all is good.

Now, in Lightroom for desktop (on my mac), I can change the profile of said Ricoh shot from the default "Adobe Color", to "Adobe Standard" for example. This works fine, as expected. I can also apply a preset that I have, which itself will set the profile to "Adobe Standard". So far, this is all good as well, and as expected.

I then let everything sync to the cloud, and I open up either the iPad or the iOS app. If I now on any of these apps select the same photo, and then hit the profiles button, it only has "Color" and "Monochrome" - as it is before any profiles are released for new cameras. This leads me to believe that not all profiles are included in the mobile apps (iPad and iPhone). So essentially, I can't set "Adobe Standard" as the profile, if I try to do it via any of these apps.

Now, let's say I apply my preset anyway on any of these apps. Then it's a bit unclear to me what profile is selected in the apps, but after I let it sync back to the desktop, the desktop app shows it as "Embedded".

This happens to more than just the GRIII, but I can't see any real pattern. At first I thought it was DNG files, but it works for my Leica Q so it's not that.

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How did you resolve the problem?