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Fri, May 6, 2011 6:18 PM


Lightroom/Camera Raw: Add Grain To Local Adjustments

In case we don't get *all* adjustments local, consider adding "grain" as local, *preferably* with ability to apply using different settings (not just amount offset).

Two use cases:

1. Pseudo textural detail (e.g. surfaces, fur, feathers...)
2. Use in conjunction with blur (de-sharpening under -50) so it doesn't look too smooth.

While not a top priority, its surprising effective for use case #1, and darn near essential for use case #2.

Note: presently, blur is darn-near useless to me, because it looks unnatural due to over-smoothness. This could be somewhat alleviated by local NR in areas surrounding the blurred areas, but not really... Local grain, in conjunction with NR in surrounding areas can be combined for a much more natural look.


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9 years ago

Agreed, although I really would prefer "get *all* adjustments local", as I can make an argument for locaizing any adjustment.

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Yep. If all adjustments local and with a great auto-masking technology were the *only* things done in Lr4, I'd be ecstatic. But in lieu of that, if grain is somehow easy to add as local, it would be more useful than one might initially imagine...

Note: Aperture allows all adjustments local, but you have to paint a new mask for every adjustment - takes a lot of the fun out of it to me. I much prefer the implementation that allows one to pick and choose adjustments after selecting.

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2 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Adding Grain to the brush tool, (Please : ) ).

Hi Adobe Lightroom team, I would love if you can add the grain option to the brush section. I reckon it would be a great addition to the new range mask option in which I love. The grain option that you have now is great but only applies to the whole image not on the selection. Many of people that do composites would love this feature as it would even the quality of the whole image. I hope I explained it well