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Sun, Oct 14, 2012 5:02 PM


Lightroom: Develop Module UI customization - condensing right side panel options

I often tell my students "Just because we have lots of sliders doesn't mean we need to touch them all with every image." I've often thought it would be nice if we had the ability to customize the right side panels so as to condense them into just the primary features a person uses most of the time. This could also reduce annoying amounts of scrolling through these panels. Naturally I'm aware that we can hide entire panels but I'm envisioning the ability to hide features within the panels. Some sliders are used nearly 100% of the time while others are almost never used. As I work with so many users I see some patterns in people's usage that bring me to these two specific suggestions/thoughts:

1) I think it would be really useful to condense the Detail Panel down to just three sliders: Amount, Luminance and Color. A minimize and maximize button to hide or show the other features would be great. Or more triangles to collapse and expand these options.

2) Remove or hide the RGB sliders in the Camera Calibration tab. I think it's time. Users that don't know better get in trouble when they use these. Obviously we still need to control the process version and profile. I do find the Shadows slider to have occasional value and I've often wanted to see a Shadow Temp slider accompany this Tint slider. Regardless, the Camera Calibration panel needs refreshing and, hopefully, minimizing.

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