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Tue, Oct 30, 2018 9:25 PM


Lightroom: Delete Duplicates with Sensei

Since importing my libraries from Lightroom Classic, Apple Photos, and elsewhere, I have identified thousands of duplicate images. Some raw, some jpg, some raw and jpg pairs.I’d love Adobe Sensei to manage this for me, capturing either metadata, edits or both, and make intelligent recommendations on what images to keep.This would be paired well with the functionality that Lightroom Classic has to recognize and import dng and jpg pairs as a single image. I don’t need both stashed in the cloud. :)


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3 months ago

I'm also curious about this, as I am trying to decide between classic and cc and currently have local hard drives as well as iPhone images in Photos which I'd like to put in one database.  Many duplicates.  Has anything been developed in the last 2 years?