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Mon, Nov 12, 2018 1:44 PM

Lightroom: Cloud synchronization workflow and publishing

I'm looking for right workflow to sync and publish my photographs in portfolio. This is, what is my workflow right now:
1, After editing of album I create new album in collections and sync it.
2, Then I open Adobe portfolio CMS, create new page and import pictures from synced library.
3, Edit text, pictures order and so on and finally publish.

Now there are few questions that I don't know how do it?
1. Can I affect a resolution or quality of synced pictures? Metadata shows full resolution, but pictures are downloaded only in 2560px weight.
2. Can I watermark synced pictures?
3. Can I import synced pictures to portfolio in full width setting of my portfolio, not only in grid with small previews? I can do it after importing new project as LR album, but I would like to it immediately (now I have to import LR album as new project, delete imported grid and import pictures again in full width).
4. Can I sync pictures in portfolio immediately after doing some tweaks in LR Classic? It looks like they are synced on web ( but not in portfolio.
5. Some custom DCP camera profiles are not synced on CC (from VSCO for example) is it bug I guess?

Whats you suggestion to sync pictures to portfolio in best resolution? Thanks!


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