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Mon, Dec 16, 2019 6:52 PM


Lightroom Classic/Camera Raw: Point Curve feature parity between ACR & Lightroom Classic and a better UI

(Note for moderator: I am not asking for Photoshop's curve, so please don't merge this with Ideas related to Photoshop.  Lightroom Classic & ACR share the same processing engine, so this idea is much more reasonable and achievable compared to bringing Photoshop's curve to Lightroom Classic)

ACR's UI for point curve manipulation is dramatically better than Lightroom Classic's:
  • in ACR, clicking a point doesn't accidentally move the point
  • in ACR, you can select a point by clicking it, and it remains selected
  • in ACR, selected points can be manipulated with the keyboard
  • in ACR, you can use Control-Tab to move between selected points
  • in ACR, once a point is selected you can edit it numerically by entering specific In/Out values
Additionally, the tone curve in LR doesn't eve n use the full width/height of the panel, which makes it terribly small on large displays!


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a year ago

I second that motion. Lightroom's point curve has always been frustrating to deal with.

(The parametric curve is genius, though. It would be nice to see something like it in Photoshop.)

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a year ago

I agree but would add that the curve should be (or there should be an option) larger in both places.

--Steve Gandy -