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Mon, Sep 9, 2019 12:27 PM


Lightroom Classic/Camera Raw: Foto-Import

Hallo ! im lightroom fällt auf, daß man Fotos in RAW über ein Kartenlesegerät NICHT mit "hinzufügen" importieren kann, sonder nur über DNG und Kopie.  Dies entspricht zwar dem Handbuch, aber der Import über "Hinzufügen"  wäre doch eleganter/geschickter, oder sehe ich Das falsch  ?


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a year ago

Camera cards in a card reader are considered removable media and this is no a permanent destination for image that are catalogued I Lightroom. This is why “Add” ("hinzufügen") is not permitted for removable media in a card reader

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a year ago

Also, most people format their memorycards after importing.
If you have Added instead op copied, you would have previews in Lightroom that you cannot edit anymore, because the source files have gone.

It's perfectly fine to keep your memory cards as backups, if you buy new cards for every shoot, but I don't think many people have this workflow.