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Fri, Nov 9, 2018 6:49 AM


Lightroom Classic: Solo mode and full screen grid for LUT and presets


I have tonsof presets and LUT now and I am disappointed Adobe doesn’t manage it a betterway like ON1 does :


  • Like ON1 Photoraw, Create set/categories/groups of presets “Scott Kelby”, “Mattk”, “Serge Ramelli”,.. to store all presets categories from Scott,... so we would have only few categories on left.
  • Add solo mode for presets and LUT. I waste a lot of time to scroll up in my luts to come back to its name to close it before opening the next group,...
  • Like ON1, Topaz,... makes a full screen of all presets/lut of a category with a slider to change thumbnail sizes so we can compare all together. I waste my time to roll-over a small stamp/thumbnail in the narrow right column to see full screen the effect and go to next tiny thumbnail to compare but I have forgotten what the other one looked like.
    There is capture monkey “Excessor” doing something with lot of virtual copies on same screen but tedious to delete all Virtual Copies after.

These arevery small interface developments but huge improvement in our daily workflow

best regards


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