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Mon, Dec 23, 2019 2:21 PM

Lightroom Classic DNG conversion blurs picture

I thought about attempting to convert some Canon CR2 Raw Files to DNG to see if there is any note worthy space savings. I selected several extras images. But when I view the photographs outside LR (Using ACDSEE PRo 2018) I see that the DNGs are not sharp as the originals. I use acdsee to display uncataloged pictures when scrolling thru files instead of launching LR.  Now doing a compare in LR I dont see any issue maybe a slight color change in the dng. My question is do others in the LR community do similar when viewing pictures? And if you convert RAW to Dng any special settings to use?  This appears not to be a LR issue? but I wanted to ask here since this is where I started? what would cause 3rd party apps to not show the photo clear?


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10 months ago

This might help  especial section 2.1 paragraph 7. My suspicion would be that ACDSEE's DNG engine might not be quite up to date.

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10 months ago

Also... be sure that you're creating full size DNG previews when you do the conversion (default is something less).  Full size previews stored within the DNG allows apps that may not fully support DNG and your camera to still display a quality preview.